Howdy hey! You found me!
I'm glad you're here, so grab a chair, a mug of hot cocoa and prepare to stay a while. I'll entertain you with thrills, chills, and death defying stunts.
Not really. I'm just here for the hot chocolate, too.
Mind if we share?

I've been featured on HYPABLE! 
Read more about my writing duo with my daughter and what makes our relationship so special!

GIRL'S LIFE Magazine has featured Snow Fright for their Teen Read Week! Come see why they say it's a "Scary new twist on a classic fairy tale"!

Brit & Co says Snow Fright is "sweet and literarily delicious"!

"This gorgeously eccentric perspective on the absurdities of teenage-hood and zombie life will leave every reader's carnal literary cravings ultimately satisfied."
The Reading Room (Bookstr) 

Recently Heard recommends Snow Fright as a top 10 fall book!

Amie Borst is the award-nominated author of three books; Cinderskella, Little Dead Riding Hood, and Snow Fright (October 2016). 

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