Howdy hey! You found me!
I'm glad you're here, so grab a chair, a mug of hot cocoa and prepare to stay a while. I'll entertain you with thrills, chills, and death defying stunts.
Not really. I'm just here for the hot chocolate, too.
Mind if we share?

This Saturday, June 11th, 2016 please join me at the Seven Corners Barnes & Noble in Falls Church, VA at noon for a reading, q&a, and book signing. I always bring the coolest swag, so I swear, you won't want to miss this! See you there!

Amie Borst is the award-nominated author of three books; Cinderskella, Little Dead Riding Hood, and Snow Fright (October 2016). 

While you're here, send her a note. Enjoy some of her silly art pieces (why yes, cake decorating is an art!). Follow her on social media. But mostly, just enjoy the journey. 

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