Thursday, April 10, 2014

Prisoner of Night and Fog

I'm at From the Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors today with another interview and giveaway. If you like historical fiction, especially Young Adult (or potentially upper Middle-Grade), then you'll want to take a peek at my interview with Anne Blankman and her book Prisoner of Night and Fog!

See you there!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Interview and Giveaway with Marissa Burt!

I'm at The Mixed-Up Files today with an interview and giveaway! Marissa Burt is there chatting about her books Storybound and Story's End.  So go join the fun and while you're there enter to win a copy of BOTH of her books!


Monday, March 31, 2014

The End of an Era - Bedroom Makeover

It's hard to believe that my baby girl is growing up. When we moved into our house she was only nine years old. Now she's sixteen. She's in high school. And the scary part--she's old enough to drive! I've watched her blossom from a darling little girl into a beautiful young woman.  It's hard to watch your babies grow up, but witnessing the wonderful people they are becoming brings a joy unlike any other.

For a while now she's been on me to do a bedroom makeover for her. 
"What's the matter? You don't like the farm animals in your Waverly toile wallpaper?"
"Uh...not really."
"But the rest of your room is so pretty. You love lavender."
"I did when I was nine."

And so it began. The end of an era. My little girl was growing up. She had opinions of her own--which included a disdain for farm animal printed wallpaper.

So about a year ago, we started slowly acquiring items for her new room. She was pretty much in charge. Trust me, I didn't want it that way--she just insisted. We shopped at Home Goods, thrift stores, Bed Bath & Beyond, and craft stores. We shopped online. We hunted garage sales, thrift stores and consignment shops. We shopped ebay and craigs list. We shopped, shopped, shopped. We fought. She won.

Nearly six months later we'd acquired everything we needed to complete her bedroom transformation. And with a budget of $1600, what a transformation it was!

Her bedroom, BEFORE:
Together we painted walls, hung new wallpaper, put up molding. My husband hung a new ceiling fan and lanterns. My daughter refinished a gorgeous thrift store dresser. She also completed a wall texture treatment by herself, and painted thrifted shutters. The result is a fun, modern-chic, Pottery Barn inspired room appropriate for a teen!
Her bedroom, AFTER:


What do you think? A room fit for a queen.
My queen bee.

Friday, March 28, 2014

My Publishing Journey at Middle Grade March

The awesome Deb Marshall invited me to write a guest post at her blog, Middle Grade March! I'm there talking about my publishing journey, my writing routine, and other fun stuff! Plus, there's a chance to win a copy of Cinderskella!

Hope you'll pop on over to MGM and join the fun!

See you there!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How I Deal with Telemarketers

There's nothing I hate more than telemarketing phone calls. That's why I like to mess with them when they call.  Here's my latest:

Telemarketer: Hi ma'am, I'm calling to see if you'd like to donate a bag of used clothing for *my charity*.

 Me: Why yes. I have 10,000 of them!

 Telemarketer: 10,000??!! *said with shocked enthusiasm* (I imagine the expression on her face somewhere between a Whoa, this woman must be filthy rich and then a realization of Shoot, she's messing with me) Well then, are you still at *recites address*

 Me: Yes I am. *says this matter-of-factly*  The bags will be on my porch.

 Telemarketer: All 10,000 of them?...

 Me: Yes ma'am. All 10,000 of them. *pause* And while you're here, you might want to call in HOARDERS and have them clean my house.

 Telemarketer: BWAAAHHAHAHA!!!! 

 Me: You have a nice weekend ma'am.

 Telemarketer: *still in fit of laughter* BWAHAHA *gasps for air* You *more laughter* too!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Writing Humor for Kids

I was invited to blog over at the awesome Chapter Book Challenge site! I'm dishing on writing funny books for kids. It's not as easy as it looks!  While you're there, you can enter to win a copy of Cinderskella. So definitely stop by and see what all the funny is about.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cover Reveal Winner Announced!

Thank you to everyone that helped spread the word about the awesome cover reveal for LITTLE DEAD RIDING HOOD! Bethanie and I really appreciate your support!

In case you missed the cover reveal post, here's a link as well as the cover for you to admire again.

Isn't it creeptastic? *pets cover*

I'm excited to share that there were well over 850 entries in the contest!!  I'm so grateful to have the support of such awesome people!  I only wish my gratitude could extend to each winner individually with their own $25 amazon gift card, but my undying thanks and mushy sentiments will have to do.

But for that one lucky winner...that one very awesome person....they will receive a $25 amazon gift card!

That winner is.....



Thanks to all who helped spread the word. It means more than you could ever know!